Industrial boilers must meet new MCPD requirements

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New EU law

The Medium Combustion Plant Directive became part of European law on 19th December 2017. It assigned emissions limit values (ELVs) in order to minimise volumes of harmful nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxides. In addition, this aims to reduce the particulates found in exhaust gases from each combustion plant with a rating between 1 MW and 50 MW thermal input.

Every modern plant that owners first run after 20 December 2018 has to adhere to the new ELVs and register with the Competent Authority. Although, at present, a mere five of the 43 UK Air Quality Zones meet the necessary requirements for those NOX emission levels included in the directive. The forecast over the next twenty years is expected to be a slow one as well.

MCPD and the Competent Authority

Something else the MCPD rules permit is for the Competent Authority to amend these restrictions due to insufficient air quality. This means that the final regulation in our country is yet to be decided. This is especially true in relation to additional limitations on emissions in territories that fail to meet particular air quality needs.

Industrial boilersIt is evident that existing heavy fuel-oil industrial boilers will be unable to meet later ELVs. Because of this, operators have to decide what option is best. Anyone contemplating switching or upgrading their plant must appraise the long term ramifications. This is especially important as ELVs may fall again in the future.

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