Save on Heating Costs

Even with a reasonably mild start to autumn, it feels as though colder weather is finally closing in. That means the heating is being switched on across the country – and that in turn leads to concerns over heating costs.  This article will go over the best ways to save on heating costs.

save on heating costsBut there are ways to save on heating costs without noticing too much of a difference. Try reducing your thermostat by just one degree, for example. It makes little difference to the way you’ll feel, but your heating bill could drop by about £40 a year or more.

Layer up

Before you turn up the heating to start with, pop a jumper on. Why pay more for heating while walking around indoors in a t-shirt when you can wear more layers? The same applies when you go to bed at night. Get a warmer duvet, or add another blanket to your bed. Investing in a four seasons duvet is a great idea – just attach the summer one to the autumn one and you’ve got one thick enough to keep you warm during winter.

Look for better energy deals

Of course, it also pays to check the deal you’re on with your energy provider. Many of us are guilty of inertia – staying with the same provider for long periods without checking to see whether we could pay less by switching. Moving to a new provider opens the way to claim great deals – and switching is a lot easier than you might think.

Invest in better appliances that are more energy-efficient

An older appliance will generally use far more energy than a new model. An old washing machine might cost £100 a year to run, whereas a new model could cost as little as £20.Save on Heating Costs

There are big savings to be had by upgrading your boiler, too. These are rated between A and G. If your boiler is rated towards the lower end of the scale, it won’t be anywhere near as efficient as a newer model.  An A-rated boiler will convert more of the energy it produces into useable energy for you.  This means it will be easier and cheaper to heat your home through the winter.

Energy bills are always a hot topic, but you can see there are ways to reduce your heating bills. A brand-new boiler could produce significant savings, as will the other steps we have mentioned above. What will you do to pay less for your heating this winter?

A new A-rated boiler could save you up to £320* on your annual energy bills. Ready for a Quote to see how much a new boiler will cost?