Boiler manufacturer takes to the streets to celebrate Warmth Week

Vaillant UK sets up a heated beanbag in Piccadilly Gardens

Leading boiler manufacturer Vaillant UK took to the streets of Manchester to promote Warmth Week, which took place between 16 and 22 January. The event was well timed as the British public struggled through Blue Monday.

Boiler brand Vaillant UK set up a giant, heated beanbag in Piccadilly Gardens in the city of Manchester. Locals and visitors were invited to make themselves comfortable. The cosy beanbag is so big it has even been awarded a Guinness World Record.

The beanbag was in the gardens from Monday to Friday during Warmth Week. At the same time Vaillant aired two films daily whilst offering complimentary snacks and beverages. People were invited to take a seat in the heated and enjoy such classics as Toy Story, Mamma Mia, The Martian, and Frozen.

Vaillant said the aim was to “help homeowners reconnect with the joy of their homes” and to bring a little cheer to people during the most miserable week of the year.

Warmth Pods

The boiler manufacturer also toured the country with its so-called ‘Warmth Pods’ during the week. The pods were set up at train stations across the country. They gave commuters the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable and warm atmosphere whilst waiting for their trains.

Vaillant took the heated pods first to Edinburgh train station then onto Manchester before ending Warmth Week in London Waterloo.

This isn’t the first year that Vaillant has taken to the streets of the UK to showcase its technology whilst also bringing a smile to the faces of the public. Last year, the company toured its ‘Smiling Vending Machine’ which dispensed a free, warm beverage when you stood in front of it and smiled.

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