Do electric boilers produce carbon monoxide?

There are countless individuals out there who love using electricity to power their boiler. These appliances are highly efficient and offer more flexibility in terms of installation However, some are hesitant to use them because they question do electric boilers produce carbon monoxide? As experts in this area, we’re aware of the facts. Read on for a definitive answer.

What is carbon monoxide?

do electric boilers produce carbon monoxideCarbon monoxide, also called CO, is a toxic gas that’s odourless and colourless. The incombustion of gaseous, liquid, and solid fuels create it. Instruments that use wood, kerosene, oil, or gas as fuel can generate CO.

If you fail to install, use, and maintain them correctly, it’s possible for the level of the gas to reach hazardous levels. This can happen in poorly vented areas, homes, and cars.

Any fuel-burning appliances in your house are potential sources of CO. Likewise, using charcoal grills or kerosene heaters inside can lead to CO levels high enough to cause CO poisoning. It’s the same if you leave a car running in your garage.


However, electric boilers and heaters, as well as other appliances like toasters, don’t create CO, regardless of the current conditions. This is because the electricity is not generated by burning fuel within the property. Instead it comes directly from the mains.

If everything is installed correctly there will be no problems and no harmful gas. Therefore, the answer to do electric boilers produce carbon monoxide is a definitive no.

Try using a CO alarm

If you have any worries about CO being in your house at present, whether you have an electric boiler or a gas one, you could invest in a CO alarm. These detectors sound an alarm when they pick up high levels of the gas in the building.

Separate brands all come with their own features and options. Some only sound the alarm when levels are life threatening. Others go off when levels are low but persistent. Furthermore, certain alarms are more sensitive, meaning they’ll activate sooner than others will.

You’re probably wondering where you should put the alarm. It would serve you best in one of the sleeping areas but not in an individual bedroom. CO gas spreads rapidly and evenly throughout properties. Having an alarm set up like this will allow it to alert everyone who’s sleeping in that section of the house. Putting one in your living room is also a good idea, as this is where you’ll be spending most of your time.

Contact us for help

If you ever have any concerns about your own electric boiler, you can contact the team here at Warm. As well as answering do electric boilers produce carbon monoxide, we offer a range of useful service including boiler and heating repairs, servicing, installations. It doesn’t matter where in the country it is you live. We’ll make sure that you receive the right kind of assistance. Get in touch today if you need help.

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