Major boiler manufacturer celebrates 2016 success

Ideal Boilers hope for continued success in 2017 after sales over over 400,000 units

Celebrations continue for Ideal Boilers following a successful year of sales in 2016. The manufacturer reported that the company managed over 400,000 unit sales in the UK during the year. This means one in 4 appliances sold across the country was an Ideal boiler.

Figures for 2016 of more than 400,000 units, meant sales of almost 1,100 of per day. In turn, that is 46 boilers each hour and a staggering 33,300 sold every month.

Tim Broadhurst, Chief Commercial Officer for the international boiler manufacturers, spoke about their 2016 success. He was delighted that installers were choosing Ideal boilers. However, he reaffirmed the good news doesn’t mean that the company will be resting on their laurels.

Continued development

Mr Broadhurst said reliability, customer commitment and a focus on design and technology, had all played their part in last year’s success for the company. He hoped this will be repeated moving into 2017.

The company collects important information from Gas Safe Registered installers in the UK, to gain a better understanding of how their boilers perform out there in the real world.

The installers feedback, along with research and development programmes at Ideal, enables the company to produce boilers that are super efficient, easy for the customer to use, simple to install, and technologically advanced.

2017 will see further technological advancements made to their exisiting Logic range.

Ideal Boilers current Logic Combi model comes highly recommended by the Energy Saving Trust, mainly due to its super high-efficiency. In 2013, the firm was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation.

The company will continue to support and work with Gas Safe registered installers in the UK.

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