Should gas and oil boiler installation be banned from new homes?

gas and oil boiler installationThe Green Party has had protecting the environment at the heart of its manifesto since it was first established. They have a number of policies, including a commitment to promoting sustainability, a zero waste target, and reduction in reliance on fossil fuel. One thing they would like to do is issue a ban on gas and oil boiler installation in new homes. This could have a huge impact on the fuel costs for residents of these properties.

Increasing green standards

In the last decade more and more effort has been made to protect the environment. A big part of this is improving building standards, ensuring use of more eco-friendly materials and cutting the carbon footprint of buildings. The progress has been good and new builds are more energy efficient and sustainable than ever before.

One thing you are more likely to see in newer homes is systems to cut energy consumption. This can include energy efficient lights, better insulation, and even things like green roofs and natural ventilation.

Why target oil and gas boilers?

These appliances burn fossil fuels to provide your central heating and hot water. No matter how efficient they may be, they will still consume these resources. As a result they are an easy target.

What would the impact be?

boilerEnsuring all boilers in new homes are either electric or burn sustainable fuels would help to preserve valuable resources like gas and oil. This would be a big positive for the environment. Sadly it would cause some trouble for the home owners. Electric is the most expensive power source. Therefore their monthly bills would naturally be higher. Biomass boilers can use an array of different sustainable fuels including wood. The downside is they tend to be more expensive to buy and install. Owners also need to keep a supply of fuel on site.

Do I need to take action?

The idea from the Green Party is just that at the moment and no ban has currently been issued. If there is support for the idea and it did come into force it would only affect new builds. As a result people with older homes would not need to go out and replace their boiler.

At Warm we appreciate why so many people opt for gas or oil boilers. They are generally cheap to run and tend to be among the most compact models. Newer ones are very efficient and reduce wastage.

If you need help with your boiler let us help you find a local specialist. We can arrange a service to suit any requirements, including servicing, repairs, and also gas and oil boiler installation. Our service is quick and you can get several quotes by filling in one form.