Be aware of CO hazards this summer

boiler servicingThe warm weather in summer means people generally won’t be using their boilers that often. While this may make you forget all about them, you do this at your peril. Surprisingly the lack of use can increase the risk of CO poisoning. This is because you are less likely to notice a problem. After all, you don’t turn your heating on as often. Don’t accept the risk; arrange boiler servicing and advice from an engineer.

Why do boilers produce CO?

The thing you have to remember with boilers that burn gas or another form of fuel is they need a supply of air. Without it, they can’t burn efficiently and this produces more carbon monoxide as a result.

The most common reason boilers have an insufficient air supply is they have not been fitted correctly. Also, home improvements can block off ventilation, meaning there is no supply coming from the room the boiler is placed in.

Problems with the flue could also increase the concentration of CO in your home. Leaks can occur because of damage or poor fittings. A blockage could also trap the gas in your home.

What can you do?

emergency servicesThe most important thing to do is remember to keep up with your boiler maintenance. Even if you are only using the appliance for hot water and don’t turn it on much, you still need to look after it. Keep an eye on the pilot light, ensuring it is a healthy blue colour and not flickering or frequently going out. You can also arrange boiler servicing during the summer season.

Other sources of CO

While the boiler is the main source of CO, it is not the only one. During the summer people are more likely to enjoy barbecues, wood burners, and even camping stoves. The thing to remember is each of these also needs a good air supply. You should therefore never bring them inside, whether it is into your home, a tent, or even a shed or outbuilding. If you have to do that, you must ensure there is suitable ventilation. Keep in mind it only takes a few minutes for CO poisoning to become fatal.

CO Detector

To protect your health you should ensure there is a CO detector in the same room as the boiler. Make sure it is somewhere it is easy to check and keep a close eye on it.

Warm understand the potential hazards that boilers can cause. If you have any concerns about your appliance or would like to arrange boiler servicing to make sure it is safe this summer, please contact us. We will help you to find an engineer quickly.