Time to turn the heating on – the cold weather is arriving

People are always split at this time of year, debating whether it is truly cold enough to turn the central heating on. It can divide households and be a constant battle. Those putting it off may have to admit defeat, however. This is because there is an even colder spell is on its way.

In parts of the UK, it will be noticeably colder. The frost and freezing temperatures are here with many people turning the boiler on. Our recent luck with an out of season warm spell of weather is only making the drop feel more severe. At the end of the month, there might even be the first few spots of snow in the higher parts of Scotland.

A jarring change

central heatingThe weather and temperatures are not unusual for this time of year. But, due to the warmth people have loved lately, the difference is something many are sure to notice. It is too early to know if this winter will be as cold as the one we had last year, but it doesn’t appear that it will be getting too warm any time soon. You’ll likely need your central heating for the next few months.

Meteorologist for the Met Office Rachael West spoke about how there is cooler air that is spreading south-east. It is fairly mild in the south but in other areas, it is making its presence felt. In some areas, including the north of England, the temperatures could drop into the minus region. Patches of frost are also expected in the midlands and north.

Is Your Central Heating Up For The Job?

powerflushingHere at Warm, we realise the importance of a boiler and heating system that you can depend on all year round. This is especially true at wintertime when you will want to stay cosy at home. It’ll be necessary to turn the central heating on. You need your property to be able to give you effective heat when you want it. This means that you need to care for your system. We can help, providing repairs, servicing, central heating power flushing and even install new systems.

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