4 expert tips to help you save money on your energy bills

Turning the heating on should leave you warm and comfortable, not worried about how much you are spending. In fact most of your energy costs are to heat your home. To help you lower your bills, you should try these tips we have included below. The focus should be on ensuring you have an efficient heating system.

Avoid Boiler Issues

The most important place to start is by ensuring you are not at risk of a boiler breakdown. Ensure you are not running a defective appliance that could fail. You can do this through basic maintenance, servicing and checking for signs of any potential issues in the making. You then get to know that your heating is working as it should be and is safe.

Insulate pipes

Another important thing to do is ensure your pipes are not going to freeze. You should prepare for winter by insulating any pipes with high grade lagging. Your system will then be warmer for longer without you having to worry about dealing with a frozen or burst pipe.

Bleed Your Radiators

efficient heating systemThis is a task that is not as complicated as some people assume it is. In addition, it doesn’t take much to know when it needs doing. It is simple; check if your radiators are only heating up at the bottom.

All you need to do is turn off your heating then get a radiator key and a cloth. Firstly, turn the valve at the top of your radiator anti-clockwise. When you hear a hissing noise that means that air is escaping. Then, use the cloth to collect any water that comes out and tighten it up when the water starts to flow. Then you are ensuring that you are getting the heat that you should be from your system.

Don’t Waste Heat

There is no point in having an efficient heating system in your home if you leave draughts in place that let cold air in and warm air out. Common places to find them include by window and door frames as well as the letterbox. It doesn’t cost much to plug up the gaps. Your energy bills will thank you for it.

Heat loss can also come from poor insulation. A large portion of heat escapes through the roof of a property. So, make sure your walls and loft have good insulation in place to keep the warmth that you are paying for inside your house.

Invest In A New System

central heating installationMany people are running older boilers and central heating systems. These are not as efficient as newer models so it may be time for an upgrade. It does cost initially but in the long run it can pay itself off and more.

If you need help with your boiler and central heating, give Warm a call today at 0800 311 8990. We offer quality service, making it very easy for people across the UK to find an engineer. These specialists can inspect your heating and boiler and provide things like repairs and servicing. They will even arrange install a new efficient heating system if it is necessary.