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Many people look for ways to reduce their household bills. They may even resort to cutting down on using the heating and hot water. Going without is never wise though. In fact, it could seriously affect your health. A better idea is to consider a new energy efficient boiler. The appliance could cut your energy consumption and save you a great deal. If you do want to explore this, we can help you to find central heating and boiler installation Newcastle-upon-Tyne clients rate highly.

Why are new boilers so efficient?

Boiler Installation Newcastle-upon-TyneTechnology has moved on a great deal over the years. A modern boiler will consume far less energy thanks to these developments. Most noteworthy, modern gas appliances have condensers. The condenser doesn’t simply waste the exhaust gases and the heat in them. Instead, the contraption collects and uses it to pre-heat water. This ultimately reduces the amount of fuel that needs to be used. New boilers are also more efficient because there has been no time for deposits and residue to build up. Some people will neglect to keep their boiler properly maintained. If they do this, the efficiency will drop over time due to wear and the fuel that is burnt.

Modern appliances are also typically designed with spatial limitations in mind. Manufacturers understand that homes are getting smaller and space is often limited. Boilers tend to be more compact as a result.

Choosing a new boiler

central heating and boiler installation Newcastle-upon-TyneIf you do decide to upgrade, you need to think about which new model is best for you. You need to consider a number of things here. This includes the size of your property and the specific type and fuel you want. What you will need in terms of installation is also important.

Warm.co.uk is here to help make upgrading as easy as possible. We work with professional engineers across the UK. Therefore, we are perfectly placed to arrange quotes and services. When you want central heating and boiler installation Newcastle residents can trust in, we’re the team for you. We can also help with other work like repairs. Just one call to 0800 311 8990

When might a boiler be inefficient?

The most common time is when it is old and poorly maintained. Wear and tear will accumulate over time and reduce the efficiency. Generally, boilers will last fifteen to twenty years when well cared for. They can last longer. However, they’re unlikely to be anywhere near as efficient as modern appliances.

A second occasion could be if the appliance is larger than necessary. What we mean here is if you have a large boiler to heat a family home but only a handful of the rooms actually need heating. In this case you are wasting energy every time you turn it on to heat areas you aren’t using.

Central Heating and Boiler Installation NewcastleChoose an appliance with heating controls

One of the best things you can do is opt for a boiler that has advanced heating controls. These can allow you to create zones within your home and set different temperatures. This is a simple way to save energy because it makes it easier to heat some locations and not others.

Central Heating Newcastle

The central heating system is something we rely on to keep us warm as we partake in various activities. If yours is a gas appliance however, it could be leaking carbon monoxide. This turns it into a potential risk. The trouble with carbon monoxide however is that it’s difficult to notice.

To stay safe, you should install a carbon monoxide Central Heating Newcastlealarm. These devices provide you with the greatest chance of detecting it early. They will warn you before the gas has a chance to reach hazardous levels. They fit on the walls easily and you should have at least one in your home. Try putting one somewhere near your appliances. If you think that there’s a potential carbon monoxide issue in your home, let us know.

Arrange a professional service in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

When you need a new boiler or central heating, you need to contact professional engineers. Warm.co.uk can speed this up for you, doing all of the legwork. Therefore, you can look through the quotes you receive. You won’t have to make any calls yourself. We advise you to make sure you only work with engineers who can prove their professionalism. Ask to see their credentials, including Gas Safe ID. An advantage of dealing with us is we only work with reliable providers. That means we arrange central heating and boiler installation Newcastle-upon-Tyne based clients can be confident in.

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