Yorkshire folk voted the tops for turning their heating down

The largest county in the UK likes its homes cooler

room thermostatPeople living in Yorkshire are more likely to have their thermostats turned down lower than anyone else in the UK. People living in London, on the other hand, are more likely to have their heating cranked up to maximum. That’s the findings of a national heating services company. The survey finds that residents of the White Rose County not only keep their heating down at the lowest settings in England, but are most likely to turn it off when they leave the house.

Warm.co.uk says this is probably because of a common sense of urgency to save money. “If there are two things Yorkshire people are known for across Britain, it’s their common sense and also their no-nonsense ability to put up with tougher times,” says Warm.co.uk spokesperson Johnathan Ratcliffe.

“It’s no wonder then that we turn our boilers down low. It is probably because we’re used to it!” he says.

What temperature is your thermostat at?

Warm.co.uk asked people all over the country what temperature they set their thermostat. They found that while the average answer was 20 degrees Celsius (that’s 68 degrees in the old money), there were significant differences from county to county.

Counties with the coldest average thermostat settings:

  • Yorkshire – 18.8
  • Lancashire – 19.0
  • Lincolnshire – 19.0
  • Shropshire – 19.1
  • Cornwall – 19.2

Counties with the highest average thermostat settings

  • London – 22.3
  • Sussex – 22.0
  • Devon – 21.9
  • Hampshire – 21.8
  • Surrey – 21.7

“What we’re seeing here is quite extraordinary,” says Ratcliffe. “Except Cornwall, people who live with lower temperatures are also quite happy to keep their homes cooler. “Whether it’s to save money, or they’re just used to it is a difficult question to unravel, but we’re pretty sure it’s a bit of both.” Warm.co.uk also asked people if they switched off their heating at the controls when they went out for the day. The results also showed a clear north-south divide:

  • Yorkshire – 67%
  • Cumbria – 64%
  • Norfolk – 62%
  • Lancashire – 59%
  • Derbyshire – 59%
  • Berkshire – 21%
  • Surrey – 21%
  • London – 16%

“We’re convinced this illustrates the traditional north-south divide in a whole new way,” says Ratcliffe. “There’s a common-sense attitude among Yorkshire folk about not wasting money on things that aren’t needed. Consequently, that’s why the boiler goes off the moment the house is empty. “On the other hand, Londoners love their convenience, and that means warmer homes as well as a hands-free attitude to their heating bills. So each to their own”

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