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Boiler Installation Stoke

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As boilers age they become less efficient and more prone to breaking down. This is due to an accumulation of wear and tear. Good maintenance and regular servicing can help to extend the life of a machine but they will eventually break. It is generally better to invest in a newer model sooner rather than later. With our help you can find a professional engineer who will provide the best service for central heating and boiler installation Stoke has.

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Central Heating Installation Stoke

When the winter arrives, the last thing you want is to get stuck with a central heating system that’s broken beyond repair. In addition to being inconvenient, it shall also be very expensive to keep around. There are certain signs you can use to tell whether your set up is on its way out or not. By knowing them, you can save yourself some cash in the long run. One of the biggest signs you need to look out for is a collection of unusually high fuel bills. A central heating system that isn’t functioning correctly will utilise more energy than normal to get to it’s full heating ability. This is only going to get worse, leading to you having to pay more in bills. If you suspect that your heating has outlived its usefulness, get in touch with our team. We’ll have a Gas Safe registered engineer come and help you replace it.

How do you know a boiler is getting too old?

There are a number of signs to look out for that indicate you need new boiler installation. They include:
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  • The appliance is over fifteen years old and is an outdated model.
  • The energy efficiency rating is low.
  • The boiler takes longer to heat up.
  • The pilot light is yellow instead of blue.
  • Repairs are becoming more frequent.
  • Maintenance costs are rising.
  • Your home isn’t as warm as it should be when the boiler is on.
  • Fuel bills are increasing even though usage hasn’t risen.
  • You detect any strange noises coming from the appliance.

Any of these could indicate your machine is in need of replacement. It is always wise to act quickly if you you discover any of these signs; a number of them could indicate the device has potentially become unsafe.

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When you do need a replacement it is always vital you hire a professional engineer. Never choose someone who doesn’t have Gas Safe ID and the right credentials. Hiring a professional gives you protection and should inspire confidence you are receiving the right service.

With you can find the right engineer for you. We are just a call away on 0800 311 8990, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work with local specialists and can find you a quick quote. It is our aim to be the most reliable team for arranging central heating and boiler installation Stoke has to offer.

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Boiler Replacement Stoke – What hazards can an old boiler cause?

Old boilers are renowned for requiring a lot of money for upkeep and repairs. In addition to this they can also be dangerous. For example, if the pilot light has changed from a blue colour to yellow, carbon monoxide could be leaking. This is a serious issue and puts the health of all inhabitants at risk. If you notice a strange smell, particularly a burning one, you need to turn the boiler off immediately. This indicates that it is not burning properly. It could also be producing carbon monoxide without you detecting it. Dark spots and burn or scorch marks on the appliance indicate there is a problem too.

It is always best to act quickly if you detect a problem. This can protect the residents and also preserves the boiler itself. In some cases quick action can allow repairs rather than a full replacement. It may still be better to consider a new appliance in cases like this though. That way you can have more confidence another issue is not likely to occur.

Boiler Replacement

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In terms of central heating and boiler installation Stoke-on-Trent has no easier service than ours. Instead of using your time contacting different engineers yourself, why not let us do it for you?

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