Central Heating and Boiler Installation Liverpool

Boiler Installation LiverpoolThere are three important reasons why you should replace a boiler that is either faulty or damaged. Firstly, it will cost you more money in the long run, requiring further repairs. Secondly, they are likely to be inefficient and consume more energy. Finally, they present safety concerns. It is better to contact a professional installer who will provide the very best central heating and boiler installation Liverpool has to offer.

What type of boiler to opt for?

When you settle on replacement as the right course of action, you need to decide what appliance to go for. You need to think about this carefully. Ideally the machine will serve you for decades to come, making your investment pay off. This is more likely to happen if you take care when you decide what type, make and model to opt for.

Combi boilers

Also known as combination, these models are the most popular in the UK. They get their name because they supply hot water to taps and the heating without any other components. The units tend to be small and compact, making them ideal for properties with less space.

Conventional boilers

This kind of system supplies hot water via a separate storage tank. They require more space as a result but offer the benefit that several taps can be fed simultaneously without losing pressure. The hot water supply can run out if the tank empties completely though.

System boilers

Although they are a single unit, a system boiler has a separate cylinder to heat hot water similar to a conventional model. The difference is that the design makes installation easier and they save a little on space.

If they opt for central heating and boiler installation Liverpool residents should ensure they decide what model is best for them. A professional engineer can help make the decision, offering advice and recommendations. Warm.co.uk can help you to find a reliable local specialist to work with.

Why do all new boilers include condensing technology?

Central Heating and Boiler Installation LiverpoolBy law every new boiler fitted in the UK must be condensing. The technology is highly efficient, producing more heat for less energy. The boilers use hot exhaust gases that would otherwise go to waste. The heat in the gas pre-heats the water so less energy is necessary to get it to the right temperature.

The higher efficiency is great for households, helping them to reduce their bills. It is also great for the environment for two reasons. Firstly, fewer resources are needed to generate the energy. Secondly, because of the energy in the exhaust gases, carbon emissions fall.

Condensing boilers are also safer. They are fully insulated and take energy from outside rather than the room they are placed in. Additionally there is a pipe leading to your drainage system solely for condensing waste. That means there is no risk of coming into contact with toxic substances.

Beware of frozen condensing pipes

An important thing to be aware of with condenser boilers is the external pipe need protection against freezing. If this happens it will cause the appliance to shut down. You can tell the pipe is frozen when your boiler starts making unusual noises. To prevent this from happening you can protect the pipe by adding insulation.

If the decide to opt for central heating and boiler installation Liverpool property owners can contact us at 0800 311 8990. Warm.co.uk works with locally based engineers registered with Gas Safe. They can provide all of the services you need, including advice about different boilers.

We also have a handy quote form if Liverpool clients want to get a quote quickly without speaking to an advisor. There is no obligation with any quotes you are supplied.