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Over the years boiler technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Devices are far more efficient as a result, consuming less fuel and producing more heat for the energy they do use. In addition they have an array of useful additional features that also reduce consumption. If you want to benefit from a new appliance, find a professional engineer to provide central heating and boiler installation Bradford home owners can trust in.

The two things you want from your new boiler are condensing technology and heating controls. By integrating a condenser into an appliance it is possible to pre-heat water by using hot exhaust gases. This cuts the amount of fuel that is needed. Modern heating controls mean you don’t need to heat an entire property and give you more control over the exact temperature the boiler will reach. This also saves energy.

How have boiler efficiency ratings changed?

Upgrading to a new boiler can result in big savings, especially if you have an old model with a lower energy efficiency rating. Many older boilers are labelled from A-G. This was the rating system that Sedbuk (Seasonal efficiency of domestic boilers in the UK) used until 2009. A-rated appliances were 90% efficient.

In 2009 Sedbuk changed their ratings, moving away from letter and choosing percentages instead. The higher the percentage, the more efficient a boiler is. Surprisingly, many gas, oil or LPG boilers that were formerly classed as 90% now only work at out being 88%.

Find a professional engineer in Bradford for your update

A new boiler and central heating system can offer some attractive potential savings. That is especially true if you choose a top of the line model with a very high efficiency rating and modern heating controls. The money you save could pay off the system over the course of its life.

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Warm.co.uk is dedicated to saving you time and money. We can do all of the legwork for you, looking at our network of Gas Safe Engineers to find a local provider near you. We only work with proven professionals who can handle all kinds of boiler installation and central heating work. That way you only need to make a single call rather than several.

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What type of boiler do you need?

New boiler installationAs part of the service a Gas Safe Engineer will help you to choose the right kind of boiler. There are several different types available, all with different levels of efficiency.If you want a model that is efficient in every way a combi with condensing technology is the best choice. The units are compact so they make the most use of the space available. Choose an appliance that has a high efficiency percentage and dynamic heating controls. Combi boilers are very popular in the UK but are sadly not appropriate for all requirements. In cases when they are not suitable a conventional or system boiler will be required. These systems can still be highly efficient, especially if they have the aforementioned modern technology. They do require more space though.

Central Heating Bradford

Normally, you can find the central heating system in the basement or garage. It works either by Central Heating Bradfordelectricity or gas. Its job is to change energy into heat, which eventually makes its way through the house via vents or ducts. With the furnace, you can regulate the air temperature with the assistance of the thermostat. Usually, there is also an exhaust system that disposes of fumes.

In terms of upkeep, one of the areas you need to focus on is the vents. If they become clogged, the warm air may not be able to flow properly, or at all. For the best results, ensure that your vents remain free of leaves, dust, and debris at all times.

Should you find yourself in need of help searching for quotes for a new boiler, central heating, or related work, you are in the right place. Warm makes it easy to get in touch with the best by providing 3 free no-obligation quotes. So, fill out our form and feel free to get in touch with us.

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