Our top tips for maintaining a healthy boiler

An OFTEC or Gas Safe registered engineer can protect your boiler against major faults. Sadly though, there is no guarantee that minor issues won’t occur in the months between your annual servicing. Unfortunately, if your appliance is not maintained correctly, these little problems could lead to a breakdown.

We have therefore compiled a list of 12 little (but important) checks you can perform yourself. They will further ensure the efficiency of your boiler and help prevent faults from developing.

Our top tips will help keep your appliance in tip-top shape!

  1. Inspect your boiler regularly to check for damage or leaking components.
  2. Watch out for any black/sooty smudges developing; these could indicate a combustion fault.
  3. Ensure that all external components are kept clear, particularly vents, air bricks, and flues.
  4. Avoid surrounding your boiler with unnecessary items; good ventilation is vital.
  5. Consider flushing out the appliance using a descaling chemical at least once between professional servicing.
  6. A regular bleeding of your radiators is important for releasing air from your heating system and maintaining optimum efficiency.
  7. If you have a condensing boiler, ensure your condensate drainage pipe is not in a position where it can freeze and  become blocked during cold spells.
  8. Regularly check your boiler’s pressure if you have a pressurised system. The manufacturer manual will suggest the correct pressure level and you can adjust accordingly.
  9. The pilot light on a gas boiler should remain blue at all times. If it is any other colour, contact a Gas Safe or OFTEC registered engineer.
  10. During long periods of inactivity, we recommend switching your central heating system on for around 15 minutes every now and again. This will prevent the pipes from seizing up.
  11. Perform regular checks on your boiler’s oil level if you have that type.
  12. Lastly (and most importantly), install a carbon monoxide detector near your appliance. You should regularly check this to ensure that the battery remains in operation.

If you would like advice from an accredited boiler engineer, please use our free, no-obligation service. We will put you in touch with an affordable and local expert.