Dads celebrate as the central heating is switched off

The annual battle parents vs kids battle over the thermostat is over. Until September.

It’s that time of year as parents celebrate the end of the annual battle over thermostat as warm spring weather means the central heating is switched off.

One national heating installation, service and repair company has found that this domestic war is a real thing up and down the country, as dads battle to keep the heating bill down in the face of intransigent teenagers.

Central is pleased to report that tentative peace treaties have been agreed nationwide, but open conflict will almost certainly rear its ugly head come September as Autumn kicks in.

“People may see the fight over the thermostat as something straight out of a domestic sitcom, but it’s very real indeed,” says spokesperson Jonathan Ratcliffe.

“Every year brings new uncertainty over fuel prices, and parents – dads in particular – find it a struggle to keep the costs down when all the kids want is to enjoy some home comforts.”

Our survey says… asked over 200 families with school-age children around the UK about their domestic battles over the central heating and found:

  • Yes, there’s a battle over the central heating – 73%
  • No, we all get on over the heating – 27%

Who gets the final say over the heating?

  • Dad – 48%
  • Mum – 41%
  • Kids – 11%

“It’s fair to say that parents have the final say over the heating in most households, but that’s only after a struggle over what counts as ‘warm enough’,” says Ratcliffe.

Speaking to, family members told us about the battles going on behind Britain’s front doors:

  • Dan, Woking: “Twenty degrees is warm enough for everybody. So why is it that when I get in from work, the place is like a Swedish sauna? Those kids might as well burn tenners out of my wallet.”
  • Jerry, Plymouth: “I had one of those app-controlled thermostats fitted last autumn. As soon as somebody fiddles with the heating, I get an alert on my phone. Victory is mine.”
  • Mary, Belfast: “My husband keeps the house at 18 degrees, and everybody suffers, even the dog. Don’t tell him, but as soon as he goes out we give it a boost.”

There are genuine concerns over the rising cost of living

“All it seems to take is for Russia to twitch and the price of gas goes up,” Ratcliffe says. “But in the words of comedian Al Murray – it’s a lot more complicated than that, but the pressure’s really on householders to keep costs down.”

The teenagers of Britain also had their say on the issue that’s dividing the nation:

  • Estelle, Reading: “The place is always so freezing. You know what it’s like trying to do homework when there’s frost on the inside of the window? Turning up the heating is my human right.”
  • Stephen, Bristol: “The trick is to remember to turn the heating back down when you see him come home from work. If you forget, he goes ballistic.”
  • Bryony, Manchester: “Mum and dad can nag all they like, I’m turning it up to 24 degrees. Anything less should be classed as torture.”

No matter the rights and wrongs of the nationwide parents vs kids battle, it all comes down to having an efficient heating Your homesystem as well as good insulation.

“You don’t have to pay through the nose for heating if you plan ahead. Switch it off in rooms you don’t use. Block drafts and keep windows closed – it’s not rocket science.”

However, like death and taxes, one thing is certain:

“September is only five months away, and the heating war will start all over again.”

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